Who are we?

Do we really know who we are? What we are stand for? Is this the life you meant to live? These are hard questions. With all the pretending we do day in and day out, we forgot who we are. We learned to cope with our environment by being so damn agreeable to people around us. We tried to fit in. It was easy to just be what others want us to be. We changed our behaviors, thoughts, and values to feel that sense of belonging and closeness; real or not. Along the way we lost ourselves. We were hypnotized to believe this is the only self by our deep fear and insecurity of not being good enough. So we hid; but deep in our soul, we were yearning for more. One day we woke up and couldn’t recognize the person standing in front of the mirror. The artificial connections started to crumble. Deep down in our souls started to reject the inauthentic self. It’s time to wake the f* up and to live consciously. Start by rejecting the values we don’t believe in, rejecting the people who don’t believe in us, and rejecting the actions of not serving the best version of ourselves. Most importantly, we reject the notion of we are not enough. We are enough!


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